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Engage your audience with professional Custom Animations

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10 Courses included in this Bundle:

Get Started with Animations

Learn the the 4 different types of animations you can use, how to customize animations and more.

Beautiful Text Animations

Present your titles, text, announcements or lists creatively with these animations

Motion Path Animations

Tell your story with advanced motion path animations tools in PowerPoint

Exciting Picture Animations

Reveal your picture with excitement, create product showcase or introduce people with 19 exciting animation effects

Animated Concepts & Graphics

Learn animations to graphics or concepts like animated scales so you can present your idea or information step by step.

Creative PowerPoint Effects

Learn creative PowerPoint animation tricks for your graphics like spin, flip, erase, fade, stretch & more

Engage with Hand Animations

Create effects that look like they were created with Videoscribe. Engage your audience in e-learning or training.

Creative Transition Effects

Transition effects are underrated. Learn how you can use them to present useful concepts & amaze your audience.

Triggers for Interactive Slides

Triggers are a powerful tool to create engagement and interactivity. Learn how to use them in your presentations

Working with Audio & Video

Learn how to trim your audio / video, present on cue, animate media and more in this course.



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