220 Interactive PowerPoint Quiz Templates

Gamify your classroom & generate excitement with a wide range of games & quizzes

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What You Will Get in this Pack:

* Fully Editable Quiz Templates for PowerPoint

* Range of games: Classic TV Style Games, Multiple Choice, Fill In the Blanks, Word Games, Case Studies, Board Games, Puzzles & More

* Useful for any type of training: Corporate Training, Universities, Schools or Freelance Training.

* Complete instructions & sample quizzes for customizing & playing each game

* Easy to Use: Just add your own questions & answers to use!

* Works on PowerPoint for Windows & Mac

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What our customers are saying...

Increase Interactions in Class...

I used various Interactive Quiz Templates to create quizzes to increase interactions in class for students.
Hoang Phan, Teacher at MyEdu.VN

You will be amazed...

Quiz Template Pack is fantastic. I purchased. 
Step 1 is to open each file and review the slides with well explained instructions that are included. 
Step 2 is to take the open file and put in Slideshow mode to see how the games are played and animated - you will be amazed! 
Step 3 is to pick yourself up from the floor from amazement and see where to include the templates to lead, instruct, ENGAGE, and deliver. 
Step 4 is to do a simple practice slide test 
Step 5 is to see usefulness - You will be amazed once again but will not have to pick yourself up from the floor 
Step 6 is to USE IT and enjoy watching the room light up in a simple way 
Step 7 is to get ready to renovate and bring more value to your organization. 
I have already been given a promotion in 1 week partly because of my ability to renovate a tired way of doing things. Look to serve others
Steve Eiswerth, Presenter & Trainer at Heating & Air Conditioning Company 

Preview of Templates from Quiz Pack

The quiz questions shown below are only examples. You can replace all the backgrounds, fonts, color themes, questions, answers & images with your own.

Match the Following Quizzes

Match Pictures and Text, Match Terms and Definitions etc.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

MCQs with detailed explanations for right & wrong answers

MCQs with Timers

Countdown timers, clocks, hourglass etc. for 5/10/20 seconds

MCQs with Picture Answers

Add your own pictures as options for answers

Picture Related MCQs

Add your own pictures as options for questions.

Picture Related MCQs

Multiple Choice Questions about 1 or multiple pictures

Simple True or False Quizzes

True or False, Right or Wrong, Real or Fake, Yes or No Type Questions

Multiple True or False Statements

Quizzes with different styles & options

Fill In the Blank Quizzes

Statements with 1, 2, 3 blanks to fill in

Fill In The Blanks with MCQs

Creative ways to quiz fill in the blank questions

Terms & Definitions Quiz

Match the relevant terms and definitions

Word Games / Grammar Quiz

Fun word games & sentence structure quiz & more

Order Timelines Quiz

Quiz to order events or pictures as per dates

Sort A Sequence

Order a jumbled sequence with 5/6/7/8/9/10 Stages

Explain Steps in Calculation

Solve theorems, show calculations and more

Long & Short Case Studies

Use for management, consulting, math case studies and present detailed answers

Picture Puzzle

Clickable Quiz with different number of puzzle pieces

Spin the Wheel/ Picker Wheel

Add questions, student names etc to randomize your quiz

Math/English/Picture Pattern Quiz

Variety of quizzes to identify patterns

Find Odd One Out: Pictures/Words

Range of questions with photos, icons, words.

Quiz Based on Audio/Video

Add your own videos or audio files to create MCQs/ True False etc.

Complete Quiz Sets with Navigation

Quiz sets with hyperlinks & tabs for different categories, question types

Popular Gameshows

Who wants to be a millionaire, Pyramid Quiz, Tic Tac Toe & more

Add Excitement with Team Games

Let teams compete with Puzzles, Boards, Racing Game & more

220 Interactive PowerPoint Quiz Templates Pack

Get now & add excitement to your training

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the templates editable?

Yes, they are fully editable. You can change the background, color and font themes. You can replace the text, pictures, icons etc. with your own. You add, change or remove the animations.

Can I pay directly in INR?

If you are located in India, please use the link below to complete payment in Indian Rupees.
Add to Cart in INR

Can quiz scores by computed automatically?

No. These templates do not include any macros to compute scores based on right or wrong answers.

Will I need to install any other software?

No, you only need any recent PowerPoint version to edit and use the templates.

Is this Pack included in Comprehensive Bundle?
No, these templates need to be purchased separately.

What our customers are saying...

Customer Care Support in True Sense...

Recently I purchased this quiz pack, I can say this is one of the best packs available. I have also purchased the following packs and they save “time” which is the most critical thing for the people like me who work on their passion part-time. 1. Teachers Pack Templates 2. Add On 140 PowerPoint List Templates 3. 30 Hand Animations for PowerPoint 4. PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack 1 and Training.

I have not been sponsored to write this but I am writing this because I have benefited from these packs. Also, having a fair amount of knowledge of PPT making, I have learned a lot from Ram Sir. Whenever I want to learn anything regarding PPT, I visit his YouTube channel, and he always amazes me with his tutorials. Thank You Very much Ram Sir!

Regarding their supportive system, they are just one email away. They provide “customer care support” and value your queries as well as your suggestions. For the last two years, I am using their products and I have been given fully satisfactory “customer care support” in the true sense. Thank You Very much for your support! 

Pradeep Yadav, Ph.D. AHA Fellow Medicine, US