License Terms for PowerPoint Templates

These license terms apply for PowerPoint templates purchased or downloaded from website

With your purchase, you will procure a single user license for use of the product. If you need a multi-user license, please contact us for pricing info and other details.

Terms and Conditions

Presentation Process content in the following text means any backgrounds, images, tiles, designs, templates, presentations, or any other products you download from

Under the standard License, you MAY use the pack contents royalty-free:

  • In your own projects for creation of presentations/content
  • In your own presentations or broadcasts intended for personal, or non-profit use.
  • Uses accepted include business presentations / training material / e-learning material created by one person and delivered by one or more persons within same organization.

Under this License you MAY NOT:

  • Distribute or sell copies of the backgrounds or templates of shop.Presentation-Process content singularly or as a group or any part thereof.
  • Provide download or save access for any Presentation-Process content from your private or public project.
  • Incorporate the Presentation-Process content within a library, portfolio, build, an image or design collection, archive, sharing-site, group-site, gallery, electronic greeting, postcard site, clipart site, or any other type of project that would encourage visitors to download or save images.

Complete license terms are included in the product you purchase.

What this license means:

The regular license is a personal one meant for use by a single user. You can create presentations, share your files, share PDFs, create handouts, take screenshots, and convert it to flash or video, create training content for sites like YouTube/Udemy/Skillshare, create ebooks, brochures, emails, flyers etc. all of which is reasonably expected use.
You can create presentations with the templates for your clients or use them in training. You can share the presentation with your team for use in training or presentation delivery.

All of this is considered regular use. The license is basically meant to prevent people from sharing the original templates OR reselling them.
Under any sort of license, you cannot share the original files with others in part of full AS IS OR sell any presentations created entirely with these templates, commercially online. Both these basically "compete" with our business.
If there is a large team of people in your organization who want to use the templates, we'll get back to you about the multi-user and corporate license terms. Please contact us through the contact form.
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Note: These license terms are applicable to any downloads from this site. For information about accessing Training Programs, please refer Terms of Use.