Get 219 Editable PowerPoint Maps

What You Get When You Download The Maps

Makeover any slide for any country with these editable maps

Maps of 219 Different Countries

Includes Continent outlines & Countries including:



North & South America

Oceania with Australia & New Zealand

Europe & Russia

World Maps

Editable Maps you can customize

Each country map contains – country outline as well as provinces/state break up. You can...

Pull them apart

Resize them

Add fill colors & change outline colors

Fill map with any Image

Add shadows & Effects and

Customize the way you like

Editable States/ Province Outlines for each country

Includes province/state/governorate/districts/emirate names and outlines. 

They are fully editable. So unlike images, you can use just part of the map, or a specific state or province in your slides.

Versatile & Useful Maps

You can use maps for many purposes:

Show overview of Performance in different regions

Show locations where your branches/offices/service centers are present

Share information about a region ( geographic/ political etc)

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Get 219 Editable PowerPoint Maps