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Learn 15 useful and engaging ways to use PowerPoint Morph. Download original PowerPoint files

What is covered in this Course?

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About Creative Morph Transition Course

This course is to help you understand the various creative possibilities of Morph Transition - even if you are a newbie.

We have ensured that there is no theory in the course, and every technique is taught with simple exercises.

Captivate your audience with techniques like :

- Dramatic Text Reveal

- Switch Technique

- Practical Picture Zoom technique

- Pan and Zoom effect to reveal picture details

- Present your lists with rolling highlights

- Make SmartArt diagrams engaging

- Use Spolight effect to highlight one point at a time

- Timeline with pictures zooming in to one picture at a time

- Using moving highlight to present your process/ pictures or steps

All techniques are easy for even a beginner to follow.

You can also download the pptx files for each of the 15 techniques.

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What you will get in this Course:

Introduction to Morph Transition

112 Minutes of Step by Step Videos

15 Tutorials for Different Morph Effects

15 PowerPoint Files

Bonus: 3 Morph Tutorials + PPTX Files

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Note: This course is already available for active subscribers of PowerPoint Mastery Program.