All about getting Started with Excel

In this video, you will learn how to get started with Excel 2016. This basic Microsoft Excel tutorial is for beginners as well advanced users who want to review their knowledge.

What is covered in this Excel tutorial:

Getting started with excel

1) Opening Excel & a new Excel file

2) Finding A Recently Opened File

3) Saving Excel Workbook

Orientation to the Workspace

4) Difference between Workbook & WorkSheets

5) Renaming Excel Sheets

6) Finding a specific sheet

7) Understanding Excel Workspace, Columns & Rows

8) Selecting Rows & Columns

9) Understanding Cells and Cell Address

Understanding Terminology

10) Excel Ribbons, Tabs, Groups & Buttons

11) Finding hidden Dropdown menus & Popup Menus

12) Ribbon Display options

13) Using the handy Search Bar

14) The timesaving Quick Access Toolbar

Understanding tools in the Status Bar

15) The different types of views

16) Zoom Bar

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